My story

I Have Been There!

I have been there. Stressed out, fighting with my wife over money. Even when that wasn't the topic of the fight it loomed over everything. Struggling to make it work at 40 years old we had to sell our house and move my wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats in with my parents. There you go rock bottom! Something had to change and it had to start with me. I looked at what a mess I had put my family in and it hurt A LOT!! I was 84k in debt 2 years after filing bankruptcy and nothing to show for my life.


After 24 months of hard work we had dug ourselves out of that hole and started to live on purpose. Having those tough discussions weren't so daunting any more. Major stresses had become minor inconveniences not catastrophes. By fixing our finances we had developed a blueprint to tackle anything that came for us. Together.  

Why Choose Me

After starting all over at 40, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about financial stability and winning with my money. I am now a certified Financial Coach and have consumed many different view points on how to be successful with money. I've also realized how much money issues bleed over into everything else in my life. I would love to help you find the financial freedom that has become my reality.